Al Hashimi is an auditing, accounting and business consulting firm. Our services are targeted to help clients improve business performance, and plan for the future.
We advise clients across a wide range of industries, by investing time to fully understand your business and your aims, we can provide a service tailored to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.
As you would expect, we can provide routine bookkeeping, accounting and auditing requirements, but we can also provide much more than this. With a team of specialists able to provide solutions on an extensive range of business issues, and a network of business partners providing expertise in other areas, we aim to add real value to your business.

Al Hashimi will help and guide you through the process of succession planning. Whether the baton will be passed to a family member, management, employees, or a competitor, we will help plot a successful course. We work closely with all the trusted advisers involved in the business including, legal, banking and financial so that communication is open and consistent. We have qualified professionals to provide business valuation services to business owners,

Our vision

At Al Hashimi we are passionate about providing exceptionally high levels of service and care to our customers, who share our philosophy of working together with trust and mutual respect, to help them achieve their goals. We believe this is the key to our success and that of our customers and what sets us apart from our competitors. Our employees are proud to be part of the firm’s excellent reputation in the professional and business community and share the same values of working together in a professional manner, with the highest ethical standards and a strong customer care brand.



What we do to achieve our vision

We invest time to get to know our customers individually, build relationships and understand their personal and business needs and goals. We explain our services clearly, carry them out effectively and price them to represent value to the customer. We are known for doing what we say and doing it when our customers need it. Our work and advice is innovative, timely and pro-active. In our every day work, on each assignment undertaken, we look for opportunities that will specifically benefit our customers.

What is the result for us and

our customers?

Our customers achieve their goals with us as their most trusted advisers. Our team is rewarded in a financial and non-financial sense, including diverse and flexible benefits, job satisfaction and recognition, development and progression, an enjoyable working environment and work-life balance. Individual and team values and contributions are in line with the firm’s purpose and customers’ needs. It is the absolute alignment of who we are, what we believe in and what we do that achieves the results our customers benefit from and the rewards we receive.